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Ericsson, China Mobile tap 5G for public safety system

29 AUG 2022

China Mobile Zhejiang partnered with Ericsson to develop and test an integrated natural disaster management system using 5G connectivity, with the public safety initiative expected to soon be deployed nationwide.

The fully closed-loop system, covering early-warning analysis, natural disaster monitoring, command and dispatch, and post-disaster assessment, was recently tested in ten sites across Lishui region.

The system was developed by the Lishui branch of China Mobile Zhejiang and Ericsson along with several industry partners, with support from the Lishui Municipal Emergency Management Bureau. It is part of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s monitoring, early warning and prevention of natural disasters demonstration projects.

The partners expect nationwide deployment to start in the coming weeks, Ericsson noted in a statement.

The tests were conducted in Lishui due to the region’s vulnerability to large-scale natural disasters and flash floods during the rainy season.

The operator used portable 5G sites and communication vehicles to provide coverage across disaster relief sites and simulated model assessment based on remote-sensing imagery.



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