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China dominates global 5G base station count

05 AUG 2021

Mass 5G network deployments in China resulted in the nation accounting for 80 per cent of the total number of base stations deployed globally by end-July, with China Mobile alone comprising more than a third, Sina Finance reported.

Operators had deployed 961,000 5G base stations by the close of last month, the news outlet stated, adding the 365 million compatible devices in operation also accounted for 80 per cent of the global total.

Chinese operators target 560 million 5G subscribers by end-2023, which would comprise almost 35 per cent of the world’s users.

Data from the country’s three major mobile operators showed they ended June with 495.1 million 5G package subscribers, though the number of actual connections is lower as many users don’t have compatible handsets.

By end-July, the three had deployed more than 700,000 NB-IoT base stations nationwide, with the number of mobile IoT connections reaching 1.3 billion, Sina Finance wrote.

China Mobile recently outlined a five-year action plan to promote next-generation mobile technology services, with the aim of improving the technical capabilities and broadening its commercial use, China Daily wrote.

The plan aims to clarify its goals and key measures, containing various goals around high-capacity and speedy networks, and advanced intelligent systems. China Mobile is also targeting industrial applications through multiple partnerships with companies inlcuding Huawei and Qualcomm.



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