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CAT Telecom loses compensation claim against AIS

15 JAN 2021

AIS emerged victorious in a long-running dispute after an arbitration panel dismissed a compensation claim relating to an expired concession agreement between its Digital Phone subsidiary and rival CAT Telecom.

The Arbitration Committee ruled in AIS’ favour in a case initiated in January 2018, when CAT Telecom took legal action demanding Digital Phone transfer the ownership of equipment including 4,657 towers and a call centre system.

CAT Telecom sought compensation totalling THB13.4 billion ($445.9 million), along with an additional THB116 million per month to cover opportunity loss and interest.

In a statement, AIS said the decision means Digital Phone is not obliged to transfer the equipment or make payment for the claims.

But the ruling may yet be challenged: CAT Telecom can file a petition to revoke it within 90 days.

The operators settled a long-running tower dispute in August 2020: shortly after, CAT Telecom and True called a truce after almost a decade of legal squabbling over a range of network-related matters.



Joseph Waring

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