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India tops Asia iPhone prices in $ terms

20 SEP 2022

Analysis by Mobile World Live found India and the Philippines are the priciest for Apple’s latest iPhone 14 range in US dollar terms, with consumers facing fees nearly 20 per cent higher for entry-level models compared with Japan.

The review of pricing in 12 Asian markets found the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cost 56 per cent and 52 per cent more, respectively in India than in Japan, which remained the cheapest market.

Japan’s currency has plunged against the US dollar since the beginning of 2022, making iPhones even less expensive.

The top-tier iPhone14 Pro Max in Japan is only slightly more expensive than the Plus model in India and the Philippines (see chart, above, click to enlarge).

In China and Hong Kong the iPhone 14 is only marginally higher than Japan, but the Pro Max in the mainland is $135 more.

The difference between the entry-level and top-end model ranged from 36 per cent to 40 per cent in most countries.

In India the gap was 75 per cent and in China 50 per cent.

The average price across all markets for the iPhone 14 was $916 and Pro Max $1,301.

Apple plans to put the iPhone 14 Plus on sale in the region on 7 October, though it is yet to set release dates in South Korea and the Philippines.



Joseph Waring

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