SK Telecom (SKT) completed testing of reduced capacity (RedCap) technology in a pilot running on a commercial network at its domestic facilities, paving the way for deployments of IoT devices which use less power than current set-ups.

The operator worked with Nokia and MediaTek to develop RedCap technology for commercial frequencies and conduct trials at its test-bed in Seoul.

RedCap is an upgrade to existing 5G networks designed for low-power IoT devices.

SKT stated the testing showed RedCap can reduce power consumption by optimising the bandwidth and number of antennas required in devices.

The operator stated the demonstration “is significant in that it has secured the core technology necessary for SKT’s 6G and AI technology evolution, and has laid the technical foundation” for services combining AI and IoT.

Earlier in the week, Australian operator Optus completed an over-the-air data call using pre-commercial Ericsson RedCap RAN software.