Australian operator Optus widened the options for accessing its mobile payment service, as it seeks to compete with rivals including Apple Pay.

It added two accessories through which users of Cash by Optus can make contactless payments in locations such as shops and restaurants.

One is a sticker about which Optus said: “For those customers with a compatible non-Android smartphone who want the ease and convenience of Cash by Optus and can’t stand the idea of leaving home without their phone, then the Payment Sticker is a great solution.”

The image of the sticker in action actually shows it attached to an iPhone.

Apple Pay is available in Australia but only currently for holders of American Express cards.

Optus launched its payment service in 2014 in partnership with Visa and Heritage Bank.

The second option is a band, which attaches to the wrist, so users don’t need to be carrying their smartphone at all. The operator advertises the band as an option for users when they are jogging or other sports activities, for instance.

The two new options support the existing method of accessing Cash by Optus by picking up one of the service’s SIM cards and adding it to an NFC-based Android smartphone.