LIVE FROM GSMA M360 APAC, SEOUL: South Korea Vice Minister of Science and ICT Park Yun-Kyu (pictured) detailed efforts to beef up fixed and mobile infrastructure to match an ongoing surge in data traffic, arguing collaboration with the private sector must be a cornerstone of R&D efforts.

The minister detailed work as part of the nation’s K-Network 2030 programme, an initiative launched earlier in the year to promote cooperation between the public and private sector in R&D of next-generation networks, satellite communications and quantum communications.

“Our vision is to create the digital co-prosperous society that reflect the characteristic of digital technology.”

K-Network 2030 also targets innovation in software-based networks and strengthening supply chains.

It targets pre-6G demonstrations in 2026 and pilots of satellite networks the following year, Park said.

The nation plans to double the data rates offered on backbone networks by 2026 and quadruple it by 2030, citing predictions data traffic in 2027 will be six-times greater than in 2021.

It also plans to increase the capacity of undersea cables.

Park argued AI is a primary force in transforming society, explaining it supplements human intellectual abilities.

“Realising this super intelligence is not limited to a specific location.”

He added the release of ChatGPT earlier this year took some by surprise, as it effectively marked the beginning of the commercialisation of AI.

The politician also asserted the metaverse is a key development, saying if AI “extends the intellectual abilities of humans, the metaverse expands the activity space of humans into the virtual level”.