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Screensize matters when it comes to apps

11 MAY 2016

Users spend more time in apps on smartphones with larger screens, according to new research from Localytics.

The mobile engagement platform found users spend 23 per cent more time in apps on a larger screen, compared to smaller devices, with Localytics measuring time in the app as a function of both frequency and length of time spent across all sessions per month.

Smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have consistently upgraded their devices to support bigger screens over the years, with the Galaxy Note 5 now boasting a 5.7 inch screen.

Localytics notes the first iPhone launched with a screen size of 3.5 inches.

The study showed that people spend almost 66 minutes in each individual app per month on five inch screens, compared to 52 minutes a month in each app on a four inch device, with users launching apps 21 per cent more frequently on the larger screen.

“The larger screens have improved the mobile experience in many ways, and users seem to be taking advantage of visiting apps on these devices more often,” noted the study.

Localytics added five inch devices also have a 3.53 per cent higher average session length than their four inch device counterparts, with users likely to enjoy watching video, reading and playing games on a larger screen.

Samsung beats Apple
Apple somewhat bucked the trend in March after releasing the iPhone SE, its latest smartphone, with a smaller screen than the flagship iPhone 6 and 6S released last year.

The study found that the phone is struggling when its comes to users’ time in apps, with the device lagging behind similar sized models, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, with people spending only 34 minutes a month on an app.

It however noted that users may still be experimenting with the phone, as it is relatively new on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 however also fared better when it came to time in apps over other four inch models, while app engagement was actually higher on Samsung devices over Apple, with a user averaging 22.9 per cent more time in apps. In addition, people spend 72 minutes per month in an app on Samsung devices, compared to 57 minutes on Apple.

Taking Android against iOS as a whole, the former’s users spend 29 per cent more time in apps on their devices over iOS, largely because the average number of app launches per month is 15 per cent more for Android users.


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