“World’s largest” Android app portal announced

“World’s largest” Android app portal announced

07 JAN 2013

OpenMobile World Wide announced its AppMall, which it described as an “app superstore aggregating apps from independent app stores around the globe”.

It billed it as the world’s largest independent portal for consumers worldwide.

AppMall is currently only available in English with transactions made in US dollars, but OpenMobile plans to expand to more languages and currencies in the future.

VP of AppMall sales, Nachi Junankar, said the company expects AppMall to make its way onto “tens of millions of mobile and embedded devices” during the course of 2013, across North and Latin America, Asia and Europe.

OpenMobile also offers an Application Compatibility Layer (ACL), which allows Android apps to run on non-Android platforms.

AppMall can be preinstalled with ACL or used as a standalone app portal for devices running forked versions of Android. It is also offered as a white-label product for OEMs and operators.

“One of the main hurdles in launching a successful mobile device is the ability to provide consumers with a robust app ecosystem – including the hundreds of thousands of applications that accelerate adoption and increase consumer engagement and loyalty,” said OpenMobile World Wide CEO, Bob Angelo.


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