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WhatsApp blocks links to Telegram

02 DEC 2015

Users of WhatsApp are now unable to click on or copy into their browser any links related to the rival Telegram messaging app, it has widely been reported.

This is not a glitch in Facebook-owned WhatsApp, but a deliberate block put in place via the source code. The Verge said that a silent update pushed to the app initiated the change, which also impacts (unrelated) US news website Telegram.com.

A way around this, however, is to shorten the link using bit.ly or similar.

So far, Telegram, which focuses on speed and security, has not retaliated with any such move against WhatsApp.

In September, Telegram saw 12 billion messages sent daily, a significant increase from 1 billion in February and 2 billion in May, though its monthly active users has remained around the 60 million mark since May.

WhatsApp hit the 900 million monthly user mark in September.

While the Facebook-owned player is significantly bigger than its rival, the increased usage of Telegram shows the company is picking up some traction.


Saleha Riaz

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