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Twitter unifies iOS apps

10 SEP 2015

Twitter is in the process of rolling out its new adaptive user interface for its iOS apps, built on a framework which enables support for multiple device types, following concerns that the iPad version “lagged behind other updates”.

“Although they shared some code, Twitter for iPad and for iPhone were developed and designed separately. Each app was tailored to its platform — but required a lot of extra effort to develop,” explained Brendan Donohoe, product designer, in a blog post.

“The idea was to design and build fluidly, to allow the interface to adapt to different conditions so that it can always provide an optimised experience for a particular device,” he added.

Following the update, iPad users will be able to access features such as revamped quote Tweets, trending topics in search, and product and place pages.

Twitter used Apple’s methodologies of flexible layouts as introduced in iOS 6, and responsiveness added in iOS 8, as the model for its new design. It believes the new approach will mean it can support future updates – like the introduction of multitasking in iOS 9 – immediately and with almost no additional effort.

However, “from time to time there are going to be some differences in features and functionality between devices. In the future, we aim to get Twitter for iPad and iPhone to complete feature parity,” it said.


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