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TomTom maps route to HarmonyOS

20 JAN 2020

Netherlands-based navigation and map technology maker TomTom struck a deal with Huawei to deliver products for the Chinese vendor’s in-house HarmonyOS, Reuters reported.

TomTom representative Remco Meerstra said the agreement had been struck at an earlier date, but was only now being made public. It reportedly enables Huawei to access digital maps, navigation services and traffic data.

Huawei released details of HarmonyOS in August 2019, after a US trade ban meant the vendor was prevented from using Google’s Android platform and apps ecosystem on devices manufactured after the restriction took effect in May 2019.

De Telegraaf reported TomTom said it was the only map maker to let Huawei use its services for HarmonyOS so far, though the newspaper noted Huawei had invited other companies to participate.

Details of the TomTom deal emerged just after Huawei held its first app developer conference in the UK, as part of its efforts to build a robust ecosystem capable of challenging dominant duo Google and Apple. The vendor plans to pump £20 million into fostering developers from the UK and Republic of Ireland.



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