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Telefonica mobile app allows users to add second number

29 NOV 2011

An app that allows Telefonica customers to add a second number to their phone simply by downloading it from Apple’s App Store has been launched in Spain.

Telefonica has been offering a customised version of fonYou’s XtraLine service since March but the addition of the free app makes it much easier for customers to acquire a second number. The second line also brings a number of cloud-based services not available on the primary number such as fully configurable voicemail, cloud phone book, call and message filter and real time activity register.

Typical uses of the second number could be for people who want to have a business and personal number on the same devices and would benefit from the additional services. As the additional services are provided in the cloud it means that if the device is lost or stolen, all of the information related to the second number can be safely stored and retrieved.

fonYou CEO Fernando Núñez–Mendoza told Mobile Apps Briefing that over-the-top (OTT) players like Skype and Google Voice are exploiting mobile networks while doing little to help operator loyalty or generate revenue, something the XtraLine app should combat.
“Operators should not let these competitors have such an easy life. They could be playing their own game in areas where they have unique advantages,” he said.

Telefonica has only launched an iPhone version of the app so far although an Android version has been developed by fonYou.


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