SoundHound targets tablets

SoundHound targets tablets

02 APR 2013

Sound search company SoundHound released a “completely redesigned” version of its app for Android tablets, which it said offers a new layout and design that makes content “more easily discoverable”.

In line with the launch, the company also said it had deepened its relationship with digital music service Rdio, which will be its launch partner for the new tablet app in the US. Rdio is also the featured partner for SoundHound’s interactive mapping feature, which enables users to see songs recently tagged in their area.

“By utilising the tablet’s larger screen space and leveraging new tools from Google, users can much more fluidly navigate within the app and have access to more content in one location,” said James Hom, SoundHound’s VP of products.

The redesigned app is available for Google’s Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets, as well as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle HD.

SoundHound’s rival in the audio search market, Shazam, announced a new version of its app targeting tablets earlier this year.


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