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Snap to sell glasses via pop-up vending machines

10 NOV 2016

Snap’s new sunglasses, which come with an integrated video camera that connects directly to Snapchat, will be sold through vending machines called Snapbots.

The machines, which the firm said “never seem to stay in one location for too long,” are the only way the wearable can be purchased.

Users will see a “Spectacles geofilter” on the Snapchat app when a vending machine is nearby, assuming their location services are enabled. They can also visit the Spectacles website and use the ‘find a bot’ button.

Bots will be added to the map 24 hours before they become available. They are big bright yellow machines with three buttons representing the three colours that Spectacles are available in (black, coral and teal). Users need only to press the colour they want, and pay with a debit or credit card.

“Snapbots take about 10 seconds to process your transaction. Once you see the Bot’s mouth light up, take your Specs and you’re all set,” the firm said.

According to TechCrunch, users can try the Specs on virtually via an integrated AR display and the bots will only stay in one place for about a day.

Specs are currently available in the US only and are sold for $129.99 + tax. They represent the app maker’s first foray into hardware.


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