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Snap adds some culture with AR sculptures

05 OCT 2017

Snap launched a feature enabling people to view sculptures designed by American artist Jeff Koons in nine locations around the world through the company’s ephemeral messaging app.

Similar to finding Pokemon in the popular game Pokemon Go, when a user is close to a sculpture Snapchat will help them find the exact location and view the sculptures using their phone.

Users must be within 300 metres of the sculpture and have the latest version of the app installed to see the artworks. Snapchat’s website shows the exact coordinates of each sculpture.

An initial batch of sculptures are located in cities in the US, Canada, UK, France, Australia and Brazil, with more expected to be added soon. The company is also calling for additional artists to contact it regarding future collaborations.

The feature is part of Snapchat Lenses, which lets users add 3D objects to their images and videos.

TechCrunch was quite critical of the feature, stating while “the idea was cool”, the “scavenger hunt-style search was the most fun part of the whole experience.”

“The augmented reality demo itself was really mediocre, and much less impressive than any decently made ARKit game.”

Snapchat recently gained two new features, Sky Filters and another AR feature called 3D Bitmoji lenses, to commemorate its sixth anniversary.


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