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RIM touts BB10 HTML5 support

09 NOV 2012

RIM said its BlackBerry 10 browser has met the Ringmark Ring 1 benchmark for HTML5, meaning that “developers can add a level of advanced functionality to their HTML5 apps and be confident that the BlackBerry 10 browser can execute the app without problem”.

Ringmark is an HTML5 test suite created by Facebook and delivered to the open source community, with the social networking giant having stated that “one of Ringmark’s primary goals is to prove that web features work for mobile web developers”.

RIM said that Ring 1, which is actually the second tier of Ringmark, identifies functionality developers need at a fundamental level to build some of the more advanced types of HTML5 apps, such as 2D games, music and video apps, and camera apps.

In a blog post, it noted that “we’re diligently working to continue our support for the Ringmark standard and to provide developers an increased sense of confidence in the web as a platform”.

Earlier this year, research firm IDC described Ringmark as “an important tool providing mobile app developers the ability to test how well different mobile browsers support key app functionalities, allowing developers to strategise and code accordingly”.

Separately, reports over the weekend state that RIM is upping its incentives to developers who write for BlackBerry 10. An upcoming Got Game Port-a-Thon starting November 16th will give producers US$100 for every game successfully ported to the upcoming platform, with the perks climbing as more titles make the leap. Developers will be given just 36 hours for submissions once the event starts.


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