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RIM developers hit by WebWorks glitch

02 NOV 2012

RIM said that developers will not be able to submit web apps to its store built using its current BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK because “unavoidable changes were made in the underlying web runtime that broke compatibility”.

While the company is looking to lure developers to its BlackBerry 10 platform, in order to bolster its app catalogue ahead of device launch, it has now said that apps written for the platform using the current WebWorks tools “would be rejected by the BlackBerry App World team”.

However, it said that developers will not need to modify any of their code to work with the future WebWorks release. The new process will “simply be a repackaging exercise with the new SDK, to create an application package that will run correctly on the latest BlackBerry 10 builds”.

RIM is currently running a promotion where apps admitted to BlackBerry App World before 21 January 2012 will be guaranteed to make at least US$10,000, or else the company will make up the difference.


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