Report: FTC eyeing Waze/Google deal

Report: FTC eyeing Waze/Google deal

24 JUN 2013

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is reported to have contacted Google about its acquisition of navigation app company Waze, which was announced earlier this month.

According to the Wall Street Journal, while Waze’s revenue was too low to have triggered an automatic review, the watchdog can still examine deals even after they close.

However, it was also suggested that the FTC is unlikely to call for the deal to be unwound, because this would require it to uncover evidence that it has significantly hurt competition in the market for mobile and navigation apps.

The report did suggest that Google may have been asked not to integrate Waze’s operations with its own pending the outcome.

Prior to confirmation of the deal, Waze had been linked to Apple and Facebook.

The FTC is also likely to look at whether Google’s primary motivation for the deal was keeping Waze out of the hands of its rivals.


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