Potential Snapchat rival raises $1.8m

Potential Snapchat rival raises $1.8M

27 NOV 2013

Wire Labs, a start-up founded by ex-Amazon engineers Piragash Velummylum and Jordan Timmermann, has raised $1.8 million in seed funding to develop Wire, its mobile messaging app targeted at the same teen demographic as highly successful Snapchat.

According to TechCrunch there is a wide range of investors on board. These include Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, as well as former Facebook and Microsoft executives. There are 16 current and former Amazon executives, including former CIO Rick Dalzell, also stumping up cash.

The company reported $150,000 in funding in June.

Among the touted advantages of Wire, said TechCrunch, is that messages don’t expire for 24 hours. They can also be saved.

However, as the publication pointed out, the company isn’t yet offering the public a look at the Wire app. And given it’s only a beta release, Wire features could change between now and its official launch.


Ken Wieland

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