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Periscope enables broadcaster payment opportunity

22 JUN 2017

Users on Twitter’s Periscope can send broadcasters Super Hearts, which can be exchanged for money, the live streaming app maker announced in a blog post.

“We’re introducing a more meaningful way to celebrate your favourite broadcasters with Super Hearts, virtual gifts you can give and receive during live broadcasts,” the company said.

Users can already send hearts when a broadcaster is live streaming to show their support. Super Hearts are new versions which are larger and animated, which can be accessed by purchasing a coin package from the App Store or Play Store. Each package they buy will let users send Super Hearts until the coins run out.

Super Hearts can only be sent to a broadcaster when they are live.

Those who send Super Hearts will be added to a leaderboard to display “who’s given the most love to the broadcaster”.

Broadcasters will also be able to see who their biggest supporters are. They can also choose to turn off Super Hearts.

Each Super Heart is worth a different star value, and when a broadcaster receives Super Hearts it contributes to their star balance.

Approved broadcasters will have the opportunity to exchange those balances for cash. After fees and payment processing, broadcasters will get about 70 per cent of the remaining revenue, Reuters reported.

The programme is available in the US, and will roll out internationally soon.

Super Hearts is available on Periscope for Android and iOS. Apps in China including Yizhibo and Yingke already offer such a feature, letting users buy digital roses and stickers to send to broadcasters.

Periscope faces competition from YouTube’s live streaming service for users with more than 10,000 subscribers, as well as Facebook Live.


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