Parse sees 100,000 apps built

Parse sees 100,000 apps built

14 JUN 2013

Parse, the app tool company recently acquired by Facebook, has announced that more than 100,000 apps have now been built using its platform.

This company had 80,000 apps based on its platform at the end of April, meaning the company had grown more since then than it did during its entire first year of existence.

In a post on the Parse blog, CEO Iya Sukhar said that the company has “accelerated on all fronts” since joining forces with Facebook in April, having added Parse Hosting and Express.js support to its platform. He added that new entrants and partnerships are “heating up” the ecosystem.

Parse is a cloud-based platform that provides backend services for data storage, notifications and user management. Developers using the service therefore do not need to manage servers and complex infrastructure.

Facebook bought Parse in April as part of an effort to generate more revenue from its developer community.

The acquisition should make it easier for developers to build mobile apps with the Facebook platform and enable these apps to span different mobile platforms and devices.


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