PapayaMobile revamps AppFlood user acquisition tech

PapayaMobile revamps AppFlood user acquisition tech

17 JUL 2013

PapayaMobile’s app user acquisition service AppFlood has been revamped to include new features that increase control and transparency for developers.

According to PapayaMobile, the new AppFlood features address the lack of transparency that still affects mobile advertising, which make it tricky for developers to fully understand how to monetise their apps and where to spend their budgets.

The new version of AppFlood adds the Open Direct Deal Network, a marketplace where developers can buy, sell and exchange traffic while also seeing the performance of other apps on the network. This means they can select the best potential partners to work with.

Multi-Dimension Analytics allows users to identify opportunities to boost ad revenue and return on investment from an app. Developers can compare different variables such as cost per impression for different countries, app partners or networks.

Ad Network Mediation, meanwhile, enables developers to directly compare app performance across AppFlood partner networks such as Appia, Cyberagent, Clickky and Motive Interactive.

“AppFlood’s new features raise the bar for visibility, openness and accountability in the mobile app cross-promotion space,” said Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile.


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