Apps “a challenged model” — Mozilla CEO

Mozilla CEO claims apps market is “challenged”

21 MAR 2013

Today’s native app model is in need of a shakeup, according to Mozilla’s CEO Gary Kovacs.

In a video interview with Mobile World Live, Kovacs called the five year-old apps market “challenged” and outlined his point by stating he doesn’t believe it sustainable that billions of people across the world will want to download apps for everything they want to do. “I went out for dinner Monday night and I downloaded four apps just to get that done,” he quipped. “With the number of cities I visit I have a homepage I can’t even navigate anymore.”

Instead, Kovacs expects there to be multiple models: “There definitely will be [native] apps, they serve a purpose; then there will be web apps that look and feel like an installed native app but are really just web technologies. Then there’s going to be much more capable browsing and I think all those are going to co-exist.”

Mozilla is currently in the early stages of rolling out its mobile Firefox OS, which is based on open web technology. You can see the full interview with Kovacs here.


Tim Ferguson

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