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Microsoft updates app ad tools

28 OCT 2013

Microsoft Advertising added new reporting functionality to its pubCenter for Windows Phone developers, in a move designed to offer “more transparency and better insight into ad unit performance” and enable developers to improve their app monetisation.

The update will enable developers to see ad requests and fill rates (the percentage of requests that were delivered) on a per-app level. This is accompanied by impressions (requests multiplied by fill rate) and eCPM (the value of 1,000 delivered impressions).

In a blog post, the company suggested that developers may look to see where fill rates are low, to add support for a third-party ad network if Microsoft is unable to deliver impressions itself. Windows Phone supports several third-party ad controls, including AdDuplex, Google AdMob, InMobi, Inneractive/Nokia, Millennial Media, MobFox, Smaato and TapJoy.

In September, Microsoft highlighted its relationships with third-party ad networks, which can boost the potential revenue opportunities for developers.


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