Microsoft trumpets 140% increase in WP8 app revenue

Microsoft trumpets 140% increase in WP8 app revenue

07 MAY 2013

Microsoft said that since the launch of Windows Phone 8, it has seen “more than a 100 per cent increase in app downloads and nearly 140 per cent increase in paid app revenue”, as it announced several developments it said will “expand app distribution reach and revenue opportunities”.

The company said that it has enabled developer payouts in six more markets, taking its total to 122. New countries supported are Afghanistan, Iraq, Montenegro, Serbia, Timor-Leste, and Ukraine, and developers from these can submit both free and paid-for apps to reach customers in 191 markets.

It also said it has added 15 new operator billing partners since August 2012, taking its total to 25 in 19 markets – “surpassing Google Play.” It said that on average, an app developer earns three times more per active user on a paid app published in an operator-billing enabled market than a credit card-only one.

The app submission process has also been improved, with recently introduced features including the ability to cancel submissions, rotate screenshots, and automatically resize images. It said that its next enhancement will be the ability to review an app submission, offering developers “a chance to make sure everything looks right, before you actually submit”.

Finally, Microsoft noted the availability of Nokia’s Lumia 520/521 and Lumia 720 devices, which offer “additional choices in form factor, phone capabilities and price points”.


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