App marketing & analytics player Upsight claims strong start

App marketing & analytics player Upsight claims strong start

22 MAY 2014

Upsight, the app marketing and analytics provider created via the merger of app promotion company PlayHaven and analytics player Kontagent, is now serving more than 25,000 apps, two months after launch.

The US-based company has started to work with 3,000 additional apps since it was launched and now reaches 700 million monthly active users. It tracks more than 500 billion events per month on 1.2 billion devices.

Upsight also announced its new customer segmentation tool, enabling customers to target users with relevant engagement and monetisation campaigns by defining their own segmentation dimensions in addition to those automatically collected.

The company works with large publishers and indie developers and has added the likes of Backflip Studios, Gamehouse Studios and NHN Entertainment Labs, since March.

Speaking about Upsight’s progress, CEO Andy Yang said: “App developers are flocking to Upsight because we offer a comprehensive platform that eliminates unnecessary SDK integrations and because they need a platform that can scale rapidly.”

Upsight claims there are few companies that can offer the same breadth of services for app developers as it offers a single SDK, platform and dashboard for app developers to define their marketing strategy with real-time data insights.

“This merger has been very eye-opening for many people in the industry. With the integration, we’re going to take it to the next level,” Yang told Mobile World Live in March.

PlayHaven and Kontagent announced plans to merge in December last year.


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