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Line launches video ads for live broadcasting app

26 SEP 2017

Japanese app maker Line launched an in-stream advert distribution service for its live broadcasting app enabling advertisers to insert video ads into live and recorded broadcasts.

The service offers several options for advertisers to present their messages to users “in a way that is more convenient and vivid” on Line Live, the company stated.

For now, only a “pre-roll” option is available. It places an auto-play ad before a stream. Advertisers also have the option of guiding viewers from the action bar directly to an external site.

Other options to be added soon include “mid-roll” – placing ads in the middle of feeds – and “in-feed” – where adverts are located in the contents menu.

Hosts of broadcasts earn a percentage of the revenues generated by these ads, which Line believes will incentivise them to provide quality broadcasts.

Line also offers “rigorous monitoring” to ensure content quality, including protecting hosts from trolling and slanderous comments.

The app maker said the latest move is part of its goal to create an ecosystem for hosts, viewers and clients which all parties find beneficial, while also providing flexibility and a variety of communications options.

Line claims Live enjoyed a good reception, with more than 28 million monthly active users (up from 13 million in June) “thanks in part to its efforts to extend into new areas like original programming and live music performances”.

Live launched in December 2010 in Japan – Line’s home market – where it had 350 million aggregate views in its first six months.

In June Line said it was expanding Line so all of its messaging app’s 68 million monthly active users would be able to watch live streams.

Earlier this month Line launched the app in Germany as part of its strategy to expand into Europe.


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