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Lenovo unveils customisable business app store

27 MAR 2012

PC and device maker Lenovo launched its Enterprise App Shop,which it said allows large businesses to deploy mobile apps to employees and manage their use securely.

Organisations using the Lenovo App Shop Manager will be able to create and manage their own customised storefronts, which replicate the convenience of consumer app stores but contain just the apps they want employees to use.

The apps for each shop are chosen from the Lenovo App Shop Catalogue and MobiHand Universal Android catalogue and are compatible with Lenovo tablet computers and Android-based tablets running the 3.1 version of the OS or above.

In a statement, the company said that apps in its App Store Catalogue are "malware/offensive content-free," while only corporate-approved apps are available from MobiHand.

"With the influx of personal and mobile devices in the workplace, it’s critical for companies to manage the proprietary and third-party applications their employees are using,” said Lenovo VP for ecosystem and monetization, Mark Cohen.

He added that the app shop features LDAP integration and cross-Android platform support to help improve IT management and give users apps they need to work more productively. And as the technology is cloud-based, it has a low cost of ownership.


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