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Korean developers criticise Apple’s refund policy

07 DEC 2016

Apple faced criticism for withholding refund information from developers which, according to a report in The Korea Times, can lead to end users continuing to access paid for content after they have received a refund.

The newspaper’s sources claim Apple maintains control of the complete refund process for all mobile content and refuses to provide information on which customers have received one, citing consumer privacy laws. As a result, developers have to manually check each consumer’s account to ensure they are still paying for the content they are continuing to access.

This has reportedly led to some customers abusing the system and downloading apps multiple times, each time receiving a refund and continuing to access the content. Some critics have even suggested there are businesses profiting from using the refund loophole.

Game developers are the most vocal critics of the policy, with many undertaking manual checks on their entire user base to root out suspect accounts.

Apple did not make any comment on the accusations.


Chris Donkin

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