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Kabam spins out legacy games

08 JAN 2016

Mobile games company Kabam sold its first generation mobile and third-party published games to Chinese company GAEA Mobile, as it looks to focus on “developing top performing mobile games for players around the world”.

By the middle of the year, it will transfer operational responsibility for “several high-profile Kabam titles”, as well as titles from its third-party publishing unit. With these, it said, “comes a large fan base that GAEA will merge into its own worldwide community of gamers.”

It said that three of the games have grossed more than $100 million, and remain successful in the market.

The pair expect no changes in player accounts or progress, because they are committed to a seamless transfer.

Last year, Kabam announced a restructure to focus on “AAA console quality mobile games”, and has already divested a number of its Facebook games.

“Kabam continues to pare its business to concentrate on creating and operating the highest quality mobile games that will be long-lasting global hits,” said Kent Wakeford, COO of Kabam.


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