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iOS devs will soon be able to respond to user reviews

26 JAN 2017

iOS developers will be able to publicly reply to customer reviews on the App Store, an option their Android counterparts have had for a while now, once iOS 10.3 hits devices.

According to developer documentation, app makers will also be able to ask users to rate or review their app while they are in it, without sending them to the App Store.

“You determine the points in the user experience at which it makes sense to call the API [application programming interface] and the system takes care of the rest,” it explained.

This should solve the issue of users constantly being asked to review apps and then having to leave the app to do so.

Media reports say developers will only be able to prompt users for reviews three time per year, and when they do, they can’t be asked again. What’s more, users will also be able to switch off notifications for reviews.

According to TechCrunch, Apple’s reviews system has felt “antiquated” and been a “source of frustration” by not allowing developers to respond to criticism and feedback in a way that other customers can see.

The updates will help them address user concerns which may even encourage other users to try the app.

Positive ratings help apps maintain a good rank and encourage downloads, and so are critical to developers, the report added.

On the consumer side, the new iOS has several updates, such as Siri support for third-party Apple Watch apps.


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