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Incentive apps failing to find a long-term audience

13 DEC 2011

Only 3 percent of users who have downloaded an app for an incentive – such as free social or game points – say they use the app often, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Pontiflex.

According to the November 2011 poll, 62 percent of smartphone owners download the app to redeem the incentive and then uninstall it or never use it again. It was noted that often “the incentives offered are unrelated to the app or brand being promoted.”

The survey also found an “overwhelming preference” for free apps, with only 12 percent of US smartphone owners and 24 percent of tablet owners preferring to pay (and not see advertisements).

But user experience of in-app advertising was deemed “critical to success,” with 57 percent of smartphone owners and 50 percent of table owners preferring adds that keep them within the app, rather than a disruptive experience which pulls them to a mobile browser.

Video advertising also appears not to be a popular option, with only 7 percent of smartphone users and 15 percent of tablet users who have downloaded free apps stating that they prefer to see “commercial/video ads that take over your screen and force you to watch a video” – although the wording of that statement is arguably leading.

It was noted that 35 percent of smartphone users and 34 percent of tablet owners are concerned that mobile video ads will increase the cost of their service plan.

Pontiflex announced the survey results to support the launch of its AppLeads service, which enables consumers to sign-up to hear from developers and advertisers they like without leaving an app. It said that “with this new SDK, app developers and advertisers can leverage one platform to deliver a relevant and in-app advertising experience, while monetising apps on popular smartphone and tablet devices.”


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