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In-app messages “a force to be reckoned with”: Localytics

27 OCT 2016

Developers should make more use of in-app messages, particularly those that are triggered based on a specific user action, Localytics recommended, in order to increase engagement and retention.

At the moment, these messages are overlooked in favour of push messages, sent to a user when not in an app. But in-app messages result in around 21 per cent more monthly launches, the report said.

What’s more, users who receive in-app messages are more likely to return to the app again: those using it see 23 per cent of users return three months after they download, compared with 16 per cent for apps that do not (click image to enlarge).


“Individualised” messages, which take into account a user’s actions within the app as well if the user fits into a particular audience based on their profile attributes, are very effective, the report noted.

In-app messages can be triggered in two ways: from the start of the session or by an event (an action a user takes within the app). The latter was described as a “more sophisticated and effective approach” because it has a 18 per cent click through rate, compared with 10 per cent for the former.

For example, if a user adds an item to their cart, an app can trigger a message with a coupon to encourage them to check out.



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