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HP launches enterprise app testing tech

29 OCT 2014

Technology giant HP announced a new testing tool to ensure mobile enterprise apps function as intended on real-world networks and devices.

The HP Mobile Center software enables developers to ensure their apps provide a consistent and positive user experience, regardless of the circumstance.

HP said that mobile apps are increasingly the ‘front door’ for a company’s brand, meaning they give consumers the first impression of their business.

With consumer technology changing quickly in terms of operating systems, networks and devices, developers need tools “that can rapidly adapt and test new environments, and that connect to their overall application lifecycle management strategies”.

The product provides instant feedback to DevOps lifecycle teams to help them understand how an app performs across different devices and operating systems.

The technology supports simulated and real-world testing so developers can understand usability, design and defects. It also gives information on whether transactional services are working securely, measure and simulate the impact of load using a combination of real devices and virtual users.

Mobile Center also gives an insight into how end users are using the application..


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