Greensill Capital advises developers to think big

30 NOV 2017

INTERVIEW: Apps developers must create products with global appeal rather than taking successful ideas and giving them a local spin, Javier Villamizar, MD of Greensill Capital, asserted.

The executive noted past trends of replicating an already successful business model for specific markets “doesn’t work anymore”, adding attempts by developers in regions like Latin America to replicate well established global platforms such as Uber or Ebay is futile.

Speaking with Mobile World Live at the recent M360 LatAm event, Villamizar explained developers should use tools made available by tech giants including Google, Amazon and IBM to create apps with new value and global relevance.

Villamizar also shed light on the work Greensill Capital does in terms of providing working capital to the telecoms industry.

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Saleha Riaz

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