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Google facial recognition lawsuit dismissed

03 JAN 2019

A lawsuit filed against Google in March 2016 by users who said the search giant violated their privacy through facial recognition technology in Google Photos was dismissed by a judge, according to reports.

US District Judge Edmond Chang in Chicago said there was no reason to believe the plaintiffs had suffered “concrete injuries” as a result.

Complainants had argued Google collected and stored biometric data from images through Google Photos using facial recognition, which was not in keeping with Illinois law.

The law in question is the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, which requires a person’s consent before a biometric scan of their body can be made. Facebook and Snapchat are also facing suits for violating the act.

In the Google suit, plaintiffs had sought more than $5 million collectively for the state residents affected, according to court documents.

Google, along with Facebook, has recently come under scrutiny for its privacy policies and the way in which it handles user data. Last month, lawmakers questioned Google head Sundar Pichai in a congressional hearing on these issues.



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