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Google extends app money making options

07 MAR 2019

Google introduced a feature that will make it easier for developers to reward users with virtual goods or in-game currency in return for watching a video advertisement.

In a blog post, it explained such rewards are an increasingly common way for developers to make money from their apps, giving “users more choice in how they experience the app” and proving effective in generating revenue from “non-paying users”.

The feature, called rewarded products, can be added to any app with no extra SDK integration required. The service is powered by AdMob technology (Google’s mobile app revenue platform) which gives developers access to a range of content from advertisers currently working with Google, the company said.

TechCrunch pointed out this may not go down well with users, especially if they are interrupted with an ad in the middle of a game. In the case of the video example provided by Google, the news outlet noted if it involved a “full-screen takeover”, gamers would be displeased “unless this was presented as the only way to play a popular, previously paid-only game for free,”

It added the format could work with free-to-play games or services where subscribing is an option.



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