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Google, Amazon apps disappear from Apple Watch

03 MAY 2017

Apps including Google Maps and Amazon are no longer available to download for the Apple Watch as they appear to have removed support for watchOS, Apple Insider reported.

The news comes as Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Apple Watch sales nearly doubled year-over-year, on an earnings call.

Cook said: “When we combine Apple Watch, AirPods, and Beats headphones, our revenue from wearable products in the last four quarters was the size of a Fortune 500 company,” though he did not provide a specific breakdown of sales of the wearable.

The apparent loss of leading apps follows the departure of retailers eBay and Target from the list of Apple Watch services.

It is not clear exactly when the apps and services exited the platform, but the fact their disappearance went pretty much unnoticed indicated they weren’t very popular to begin with.

Google explained it removed watchOS compatibility from its “latest iOS release, but expect to support it again in the future”. However, the other app makers have not offered any statement or explanation.

This does not necessarily reflect on the popularity of the device itself, as Cook’s statement suggests strong consumer interest. Rather, the removal of the apps calls into question their usefulness on a smartwatch, with shopping apps in particular appearing to draw little enthusiasm from users.

While Apple never reveals exact sales numbers for the watch, the Apple Watch accounted for nearly 80 per cent of smartwatch revenue in Q4 2016.


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