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GMobile wants to help Chinese apps go global

07 JUL 2016

Chinese developer GMobile announced a strategy to “build a platform for Chinese apps to go international”, as its Android file manager app passed 100 million users.

The firm said it wants to connect Beijing with international mobile internet markets to build a service platform for Chinese Android and iOS developers, providing beta-testing, tech support, financing advice, as well as promotion and distribution support to become “a one-stop trustee service”.

In the next five years, the company wants to build an international platform, develop a private cloud server “to break the wall between hardware and software” and “march into the iOS App market”.

“Breaking up the technology barrier and assisting Chinese developers to go international, that’s what we want to do in the future,” CEO Alex Xin said.

As for File Expert, it is available in more than 30 languages in 159 countries and the company claims it was ranked number one in three countries a few weeks after its debut in Google Play.

Based on the file manager app, GMobile extended its product line to include its GCloud backup product and an app that transfers files from Android to other smart devices. The product trio “makes a complete product ecosystem on Android,” the firm said.

It is also the maker of the game Slot


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