GamePop to bring iOS games to TV

GamePop to bring iOS games to TV

11 JUN 2013

Upcoming mobile games subscription service GamePop will allow users to play iPhone and iPad games on the television.

The enabling Looking Glass mobile-to-TV technology has been developed by the company behind GamePop, BlueStacks.

“Looking Glass enables these titles to be brought into the living room. Some of the retina iPad games for example look spectacular on TV,” said BlueStacks CTO, Suman Saraf.

BlueStacks SVP of Global Sales & Business Development, Apu Kumar, added that there is “a lot of pull” for upselling mobile gaming to TV.

It was also announced that mobile developer Subatomic Studios, the company behind the Fieldrunners franchise, has struck a deal to have its games included on GamePop.

GamePop will give users access to 500 mobile titles for $6.99 per month, with a game console also included. Many of the games on the platform are paid mobile games.

Investors include chipmakers Qualcomm, Intel and AMD.


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