Fiksu helps developers track Apple Watch app user behaviour

Fiksu helps developers track Apple Watch user behaviour

07 MAY 2015

Mobile marketing technology company Fiksu says developers using its technology can recognise and track user behaviour on the Apple Watch by adding a line of code to their iPhone app and tagging the Apple Watch events they are interested in monitoring.

“Because Apple Watch apps currently depend on a parent iPhone app, marketers can leverage Fiksu’s existing iOS SDK to track events on both an iPhone and a paired Apple Watch,” the company said.

Any taggable event can be tracked, including launches, registrations and purchases.

Through the line of code, developers will also be able to integrate delivery of Apple Watch results alongside other campaign results through the Fiksu Analytics portal and create Apple Watch audience segments.

The data captured by Fiksu will help developers learn whether users of the Apple Watch are more likely to be users of their paid apps (rather than free versions), so they can create retargeting campaigns around known watch users to drive subscriptions.

Fiksu’s client Shotzoom is using the service to see how Golfshot app users are using the new Apple Watch extension and will be able to understand Apple Watch adoption rates and identify users who have the smartwatch, so they can reach out to them for feedback.

Ben Addoms, president at Shotzoom, said his company is “interested in leadership in wearables because it lets us identify opportunities early and take advantage of them before anyone else in our category”.

The Apple Watch began shipping a few weeks ago and at its launch already had 3,500 apps. 

Fiksu also recently published an index according to which, for the first time, the cost to acquire loyal app users (CPLU) surpassed the $3 mark.

At $3.09, this represents a 10 per cent increase in CPLU since last month and a 113 per cent rise from last year.

“This relentless growth is representative of a larger trend, reflecting the expanding power of mobile marketing to reach app users and the rising costs happening in parallel,” said the company.


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