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Facebook shutters three apps

03 JUL 2018

Facebook said it is sunsetting three apps, Moves, tbh and Hello, due to low usage and so it can refocus its development efforts.

Hello was launched in 2015 for people using Android in Brazil, the US and Nigeria, while Moves is a fitness app it bought in 2014.

Tbh was an anonymous social media app for high school students which the company acquired in 2017.

Facebook said it will delete the user data from all three apps within 90 days.

“We regularly review our apps to assess which ones people value most. Sometimes this means closing an app and its accompanying APIs. We know some people are still using these apps and will be disappointed – and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. But we need to prioritise our work so we don’t spread ourselves too thin. And it’s only by trial and error that we’ll create great social experiences for people,” the company said in a statement.

Sensor Tower found Hello had only 570,000 total downloads, though Moves was more popular at 13 million and tbh had 6.4 million.

The latter two are fairly big figures, but not when compared to the billions of downloads Facebook’s other properties have, including its core app, Instagram and WhatsApp.

In the past Facebook has also shut down M, a personal assistant app, a Snapchat clone called Lifestage and its Groups app.


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