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Facebook once again under fire for privacy issues

04 APR 2019

Facebook removed millions of records displaying user information stored on Amazon’s cloud servers by third-party companies, which were discovered by cybersecurity company UpGuard, Reuters reported.

UpGuard found Mexico-based Cultura Colectiva, which runs three Facebook pages, used Amazon servers to store 540 million records on users of the social media giant, including comments and account names.

Another app, At the Pool, saved names, passwords and email addresses of 22,000 people.

In a statement to Reuters, Cultura Colectiva said all of its records came from user interactions and is the same information accessible to anyone browsing its pages.

“Neither sensitive nor private data, like emails or passwords, were amongst those because we do not have access to that kind of data, so we did not put our users’ privacy and security at risk,” it said.

Meanwhile Facebook told Reuters it worked with Amazon to take down the databases once it found out about the issue.

Facebook has been mired in controveries around privacy. A fortnight ago, it found passwords of hundreds of millions of users were being stored in a format which could be accessed by employees.

Earlier this week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called for regulators and governments to take a deeper role in policing the internet and introduce stronger data rules, as intense scrutiny of the company’s activities continues.



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