DT signs up Evernote to provide Premium app

DT signs up Evernote to provide Premium app

25 MAR 2013

Deutsche Telekom has signed a deal with productivity app maker Evernote which will see subscribers provided with free access to the Evernote Premium service for one year.

Subscribers of the operator in Germany will be able to open an Evernote Premium account normally worth EUR40 each year if they request the service upgrade before 25 September 2014.

The Evernote app allows users to create notes and to-do lists to which they can attach web pages, articles and audio clips using. The Premium version gives users a higher upload limit, faster note search, offline availability and more options to share notes.

Evernote has added a new Document Search feature to its Premium service for Deutsche Telekom users, which allows them to search documents, presentations and spreadsheets attached to notes that were created in Microsoft Office, iWork and OpenOffice.

Germany is Evernote’s second biggest market in EMEA, with around 1.33 million of its 50 million users based in the country.


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