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Distimo names new countries supporting Android Market paid apps

30 SEP 2010

Mobile app analytic company Distimo has shed some possible light on which new countries are supporting paid apps in Android Market, following Google’s recent vague announcement that it is set to roll-out paid apps support for the store in “additional countries over the next few weeks.” 

Distimo notes that over the last weekend it has seen 13 new countries where paid content has been added to the Android Market: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Singapore and South Africa.

“Consumers in these countries now have access to paid apps while browsing the Android Market,” notes a Distimo blog. “However, it is not completely clear if Google has enabled consumers to actually purchase apps from the Market already. Additionally, as Google seems to be rolling out support for paid applications right now, the list above may not be the definite list of countries for which Google will support paid applications in the near future.”

Until recently, paid applications were supported in only 14 of the 48 available Google Android Market countries; a cause for concern for many Android Market developers.

Distimo adds: “Google Android Market in these [newly identified] countries does not show many country specific apps yet. This is caused by the fact that developers were not aware when these countries would be supported, and Google does not enable developers to target these specific countries yet. When publishing a paid application, Android Market still lists the 14 countries where paid content was already available. This is likely to change very soon.”


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