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DeepstreamHub raises $1M to help develop real-time apps

13 APR 2016

DeepstreamHub, a platform that enables developers “of all backgrounds” to build real-time apps, raised $1 million, stating it is “working feverishly” until it is ready to “release into the wild”.

The company said that more than ten thousand developers are already working with its technology.

DeepstreamHub provides apps with real-time backend. It is an integrated service platform that apps (as well as browsers, desktops, servers and IoT devices) can connect to using “tiny client libraries”.

Apps can perform real-time searches, send and receive emails, texts or push notifications, schedule periodic tasks, push jobs to queues and access an array of other development features.

“We’ve been working hard over the last months to build this platform and today we are one step closer to that goal,” thanks to investment by BlueYard Capital, wrote co-founder Wolfram Hempel (pictured, left).

DeepstreamHub provides a rich and open ecosystem of third party integrations that allow users to stream data from and to messengers like Slack, developer platforms such as GitHub, social networks, IoT endpoints, payment providers and open data sets, he explained.

“Users are increasingly expecting real time apps. And any team building one from social messaging, collaborative document editing or realtime geolocation services to split-­second stock price delivery and IoT data distribution­ can save time and development cost by integrating with DeepstreamHub,” he said.

DeepstreamHub’s extremely fast message delivery makes also makes it a good fit for demanding use cases like multiplayer gaming or finance, while its third party integrations make it a great time-­saver for tech­ verticals like messenger­-as-­a­platform, aggregation dashboards or process monitoring, he added.


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