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Czech competitor slates Google browser plan

25 MAR 2019

Google’s search engine rival in the Czech Republic, Seznam, complained it was losing market share because of the former’s anti-competitive practices and urged the tech giant to reveal more information about plans to boost search apps on Android devices, Reuters reported.

Last week Google’s SVP of global affairs and chief legal officer Kent Walker explained in a blog post the company will “ensure Android phone owners know about the wide choice of browsers and search engines available” as part of steps to placate the European Commission (EC), which fined it €4.3 billion in July 2018 for for abusing the dominant position of its operating software.

Reuters stated Seznam attracts as much advertising spend as Google in the Czech Republic and first complained to the EC about losing users to the search giant three years ago.

“Time is running out, every day makes a difference. Seznam is losing market share because of Google’s search engine installed by default on mobiles,” said Michal Feix, Seznam’s former chief executive and now a partner at a consultancy advising the company, said in a statement viewed by Reuters.

Referring to Walker’s post, Feix added: “It is probably the solution we are looking at but it depends on the details. Walker’s blog lacked details.”



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