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Cake prepares to take on Safari, Chrome

30 JAN 2018

Cake Technologies launched an updated mobile browser to take on Safari and Chrome, announcing it raised $5 million to build the product.

The browser, which the company described as “faster” and “swipeable” will enable users to find web content more quickly by navigating through search results as web pages instead of tapping back and forth between a list of result links and web pages.

In a statement, Cake Technologies explained the app does this by suppressing the search index and preloading search results so users can quickly swipe through content.

“Mobile browsing in 2018 is still startlingly close to desktop browsing in the late 1990s, and it’s time for that to change” said Kendall Hulet, Cake’s CEO: “At Cake, we reimagined the browser to take full advantage of high-speed connections and touch-enabled mobile devices, something no one has really done for the smartphone until now.”

Cake Technologies’ app will also allows users to search across categories and multiple search engines at once, receive personalised search results and help them “cut through the clutter of generic search results by suggesting curated collections of websites that are most relevant to their search term”.

A company representative told Mobile World Live the funds not only helped to build the app but will be used to continue to improve it.


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