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ByteDance pushes US to abandon TikTok ban

11 NOV 2020

ByteDance requested a US court halt an order compelling it to sell its TikTok unit in the country by 12 November to avoid a ban, claiming the move by the country’s administration was unlawful and restrictive.

The China-based company asked the US court of appeals to overturn a divestment order issued by President Donald Trump and grant it “any further relief that may be appropriate”.

Describing the order as “an unconstitutional taking”, the company said the economic impact from such a move was “severe” as it “profoundly interferes with ByteDance’s reasonable investment-backed expectations, and it does not actually further the purported purpose of protecting national security”.

ByteDance said it also submitted a proposal on 6 November for a 30-day extension of the timeline to negotiate final terms of a deal to sell the US TikTok operation to Oracle and Walmart, but was awaiting a decision.

The company assured the court it was “committed to reaching a negotiated mitigation solution” to satisfy “national security concerns”, with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States overseeing the sale talks.



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